Hotovo life - 22. September 2015

5 things you need to do when you have a business idea

Everyone has good ideas all the time. The question is what you do with them. They don’t help anyone in the drawer. Here are 5 things you should do:
  1. Check if somebody already did what you had in mind. Chances are high that what you want to do already exist. Then you may need to double-check if it is still worth it to be on second place from start. Perhaps you could improve that idea?
  2. Create a web page that describes your idea and the value for potential users. Sooner or later you will want to have a webpage. Initially it helps you put your thoughts down and present it to others. It also pushes you to check out what others have done on the market.
  3. Register a domain and put your site online. Nowadays, finding a good .com domain is not that easy. Perhaps you may need to change the name of your idea, then you need to change the design and so on. Publishing your idea online can give you relevant feedback from others.
  4. Build a prototype and make it available for others to try. Obviously, your idea is about something. Even if not physical, you will need to build a prototype. At least you want to prove you hypothesis right.
  5. Let everyone try your product. Without feedback, ideally from paying customers, you will never know if you’re in the right direction. What is a product that nobody uses? I thought so.