Tech Corner - 31. August 2021

HTTP/3 stuff... and much more

HTTP/3 concepts and features

HTTP / 3 is supported on Chromium based browser, Firefox and has experimental support in Safari. Although the specification is a draft, it is widely accepted by CDN. Do you know what QUIC is? If not, it's time to learn more about its main concepts and improvements over HTTP / 2.


HTTP/3 performance

The HTTP / 3 protocol is often sold with a significant increase in performance, mainly due to the use of the QUIC protocol based on the underlying UDP. What is the reality and how much better can it be over HTTP / 2? Just look at the second article in the series.

Compound components in React

Compound components are used to build expressive and flexible APIs for sharing state and logic within components. It allows you to avoid prop drilling and customize complex components with multiple sub-components. In the article you will learn more about this advanced (not only) React pattern.

Websites optimizations

Jake Archibald has a lot to say about web performance. Take a look at his comparison of Formula 1 websites and what can be done to get them up and running faster. Do you think the websites of teams like Ferrari need to be fast? Well, you may be surprised 🙂

Do you know CSS container queries?

Finally, we can create media, good containers, queries depending on the size of the container that wraps the content. Finally, individual view components may respond to their available size, not to the entire view. Be ready for the future, as they are already available in Chrome behind the flag.

What’s new in Chrome DevTools 94?

Maybe for us it is not so critical, but one of the pleasant things is localization. Now you can choose the language! But there is more! You will find all the goodies in this blog post.

That's all from our August summary. Stay tuned for the next newsletter 🙂

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