DevOps Engineer

Is your head full of ideas for things that could help those around you? Do you have a passion for developing great software? Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity? Look no further :)



Is your head full of ideas for things that could help those around you? Do you have a passion for developing great software? Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity? If you’re nodding your head to all of these, it sounds like the right time to join our team ;)

We are looking for DevOps Engineer, who will be responsible for design and implementation of key components for Hotovo operational infrastructure - application, monitoring and alerting. Design and implementation of DevOps for existing and new projects. That is all on the top of the latest technologies - Terraform, Ansible, FluxCD, Kubernetes, Prometheus Stack, Docker and LXC. Depending on success, there is an opportunity to be a lead of DevOps activities.


  • Be a part of a team developing GREAT SOFTWARE with industry leaders and innovators like Atlassian, Red Hat, Salesforce, Percolate and many others.
  • Work with startups, challenging your creativity and invention while using the latest technologies.
  • Have a chance to bring your own ideas to the table and influence how things are done.
  • Work alongside guys from San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, Sydney, Buenos Aires or London, with an opportunity to visit these places.
  • Help us bring new innovative jobs to town.
  • Enjoy great coffee, beer, table foosball, game nights, movie & documentary nights, bike or hike trips, join the Hotovo table tennis team, and so much more fun stuff… just check out our Facebook or Instagram profile 😉


  • Exciting startup atmospheres and the prestige of working for stable customers with great reputations. We offer the opportunity for both under our one roof.
  • Work with all the very latest programming languages and technologies.
  • Non-formal “dorms-like” working atmosphere.
  • The fruit of your work being used by millions of users around the world.
  • Agile methodologies, lots of unit tests, functional tests, code reviews, scrums, etc.
  • Flexible working hours for sure.
  • Great coffee and lots of fun activities (and yes, we even have our very own secret underground...)
  • And of course, a great salary corresponding to your skills and hairstyle ;)


You are smart, responsible, talented, enthusiastic, reliable, good looking, have great hair, and are modest. Also… 


  • Strong analytical and solution design skills
  • Experienced with Kubernetes
  • Experience with Prometheus Stack (Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Alerting)
  • Familiar with Linux
  • Familiarity using Scrum/Agile development methodologies
  • English at a communicative level


  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Terraform
  • Ansible
  • GitOps (FluxCD or ArgoCD)
  • Reliability and responsibility
  • Team player
  • Ability to communicate (present in front of customer, within the team).
  • Table football psycho/freak, floorball player, yoga guru, blood donor, NERFighter, climber…


We are a rather non-conventional, quite progressive, and pretty cool (even if we say so ourselves) software house with HQ in Košice, Slovakia.

We specialize in custom software development of mobile, web and desktop apps, system integration and automation, a long-term-partnership form of outsourcing and the development of startups. Our services cover the entire software development lifecycle, including support and maintenance.

HOTOVO is led by a team of specialists with 15+ years of experience. Established in 2010, we’ve since grown from zero to 150 people – without any foreign capital or investment, and without any state support and subsidies… which means there’s no-one out there dictating what we can and can’t do 😊. 

We work with top-notch companies across the globe (which enables us to attract the best talent (and the coolest people 😎) in town). We’re a proven long-term partner of global industry leaders like MuleSoft, Protecht, Oracle, RedHat, Seismic, Salesforce and Atlassian, as well as numerous creative young startups.

Our primary markets are the USA, UK and Australia. However, we have clients in many countries across the world, and have plans to develop into a truly global business. Our HQ is in Košice, but we also have other branches in the UK (with offices in London and Southampton), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Serbia (Novi Sad) and Tunisia (Tunis) – so we can cover different time zones and be even closer to our clients.

We love what we do, and we love the team we've created to do it with.

Developing software solutions (and helping our clients succeed!) is a joy and an art all in one, and that is how we approach it.

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