Hotovo life - 26. September 2017

2. Crypto meetup - Smart Contracts and ICOs

After two months we've organized second crypto meetup. This time around 50 people arrived, which was more than the last time. Meetup has started with presentation by our smart contract expert - Gleb Urvanov. He focused on main differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum - smart contracts and explained what they are and where you can use them in real life now.  Some recent security breaches were explained along with some of mistakes many smart contract developers are doing. Gleb highlighted some of benefits and problems with smart contracts. In second presentation I've talked about the latest craze - ICOs. I've borrowed the name of legendary western movie The Good, the Bad and ugly to describe the situation. As Blondie in the movie we found ourselves in wild wild west, where it's hard to find out who is good the guy although you know for sure there a lot of bad guys. The goal was to put down rose colored glasses from newcomers and change focus from short term get rich quick mindset to more productive long term one. I went through some of innovations brought by ICOs and explained problems and how to improve them. I've ended the talk with ICOs checklist proposal which is something that we as crypto community need to work on. As a part of our long term goal which is to help people understand and get them to own cryptocurrencies we've introduced our crypto ATM which will be placed at popular local pub. It will be selling Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and we plan to support other cryptocurrencies depending on the demand. You can download slides of first and second presentation.    

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