Hotovo life - 27. April 2018

aiRecipes application - Your new “Shazam” for food

Have you ever opened the fridge, full of ingredients, but your head had refused to come up with any cooking idea? Ehmm.. maybe you had just a bad day. But how to cope with it when your stomach is about to scream loudly? We know that feeling. And also know how it usually ends up. Just some “quick fix” to calm down your urges 🙂 You probably keep saying: “I’ll figure it out next time!” But why NEXT time?!So when the opportunity to participate on the project “Live IT projects” organised by Technical University of Kosice came, we grabbed the chance to transform the idea into reality. In cooperation with Department of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence, we created the team of students mentored by us, determined not to wait for the next “next time” anymore. After 3 months of coding we were ready to present our aiRecipes application to the audience. Application runs on Android and is capable to work offline. What you need to do is just to select your ingredients to filter out the recipes. The rest is filled in either by a system using a neural network trained on the user's past feedbacks or a system basing its recommendations on the numbers of common recipes between ingredients. The decision which one is used depends on recorded feedbacks and currently selected ingredients. You do not even have to be bothered to select ingredients manually, you can simply take a picture of your available ingredients thanks to optical object recognition of Vision API called label detection. It is basically AI powered recipe book. You have to let the application discover your tastes because it learns and recommends you ingredients and food based on your feedback. The more feedbacks, the better recommendations. Check the video on YouTube to find out more and make your cooking a bit sexy ;)Are you interested in trying it yourself? Send us an email and get the invitation for using a beta version of application. Not enough? No worries. We will introduce another project to you, that accepted the challenge to be part of “Live IT projects”. Stay tuned. The second one is coming next week.