Hotovo life - 1. February 2017

Clearvision DevCon

Come and join the “Clearvision DevCon” an event for developers, arranged by developers on Thursday, February 16th in Košice.

Are you developing, customizing or just using Atlassian tools like JIRA and Confluence this is the right thing for you. Meet the developers that are working hand-on with the nuts and bolts of the Atlassian toolset. See the results of a quick three day sprint, exchange tips and best practices or just learn new ways how to use the tools.

Clearvision is an Atlassian global Platinum Enterprise partner that is reinforcing its presence and accelerating growth in Central Europe. Clearvision has a massive presence particularly in the enterprise segment working with clients like HSBC, VISA, Procter & Gamble, Cisco or Sony.

This will be a free-of-charge informal evening with pizza and beers where you have a chance to meet people from UK, talk Atlassian and have your questions answered. Did we mention that we are hiring? Please sign up on Facebook or Meetup, there is a limited number of seats. See you there.