Hotovo life - 18. April 2018

Enter our DevKitchen

Sharing is caring. Sometimes a bit scaring but this is not our case. Definitely. Why? Because we bet on potential of young rookies. And this is the engine that drives us into being a part of initiatives happening around. One of them is “Live IT Projects” organized by Technical University of Kosice. Theory, that is being drilled at schools, is only one side of the coin. Interconnection with real life the other. Including also pinch of fun (mandatory) we have a good mixture of ingredients. So why not to “cook” something tasty together? After participating on last year’s challenge, our motivation curve was not so down as the one for bitcoin value recently.. But constantly getting higher with upcoming deadline for commitment to attend. We were determined to step in again. At “Live IT Projects 2017” we participated with two mobile applications Builder time-lapse and AR Kosice guide. Hotovo is not such a big company as of size. But sometimes the number of ideas in our heads is reaching their limits… and we had to release the pressure 🙂 Therefore we had accepted to attend this year with more projects, which we believe, have real potential to be successful startups. Overall 37 of registered teams presented the results of their hard work in January. In front of the audience consisting of 13 companies that participated on this initiative, committee and public, the students experienced the feeling to be on stage. Hotovo's projects are currently in the phase of MVPs, ready to be extended or adapted to particular needs. Is that gonna be YOU, who will contribute on them with us? Enter our “development kitchen” with Edison, the voice recognition door opener, get inspired by aiRecipes application, don’t get disturbed by using Noise reduction system and relax after hard work with BuildMe application. We’ll introduce each project to you one by one. Follow our blog and have a look behind the scene. Stay tuned ;)