Tech Corner - 28. February 2022

ES2022 features; impact of embedded content... And much more

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Just as we do every month, we've pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we here at HOTOVO think are worth sharing…

Discover the new features in ES2022, get some valuable tips for reducing the impact of embedded content, find out if your app can be hacked with CSS, learn how to use box-shadow better, and a whole lot more.

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What will the new ES2022 specification bring?

The ECMAScript 2022 specification will be released later in the year, but it’s already pretty clear what features it’s likely to include. Read this article to learn more about the expected features, including top-level await for delaying the execution of modules, new RegExp "d" flag, private class properties, and much more.

Reducing the impact of embedding social media content?

Websites and apps often embed social media content like Twitter and YouTube videos and provide various share buttons. Unfortunately, these features are pretty heavy for loaded JavaScript, slowing down the page load time and affecting user interaction. In this article you can learn how to reduce their footprint.

Box-shadow tips and tricks

The box-shadow property has been supported by browsers for some years already. However, its full potential is still not used by many developers. Check out this guide on how to get the most out of box-shadow, which includes useful tips and guides on how to create layered or neon shadows.

Can your app get hacked with CSS?

What do you think? Is it possible to hack websites using CSS? Attacks using JS are certainly more common, and more effective, but it seems that attacks using CSS are possible. However, preventing such an attack is at least pretty simple. Find out more in the article.

What's new in Typescript 4.6?

Typescript has released another minor version packed with tons of improvement – such as better control flow analysis for Destructured Discriminated Unions, performance improvement in checking deeply nested types, and much more. Plus, in addition to its new features, it also brings in support for the new ES2022 features such as "".


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