Hotovo life - 20. July 2017

First Crypto Meetup

On the first Monday of July, our cryptocurrency team organized the first Hotovo Crypto meetup. The goal was to get to know the crypto community and we've found out that there is a lot of interest. We had to limit number of seats. Obviously the main reason was price spike of cryptocurrencies which brought in a lot of speculators. To get to know the community, we've asked people three questions:

Why are you interested in cryptocurrencies?

People could pick multiple responses and unsurprisingly the main reason was investing (66%), followed by programming (35%), business (33%) and social impact (33%).

How long have you been in crypto space?

Most of the people (64%) got interested in cryptocurrencies in last 6 months, which correlates with latest price spike.

What do you expect from meetup?

By far most people (85%) answered: Technology knowledge, followed by meeting new people (59%). Main presentation was prepared by Peter Toth who talked about why cryptocurrencies matter. We picked the topic because especially people in developed countries, don't understand benefits of cryptocurrencies outside of speculation. Peter talked about political, economical, technological and social benefits and also problems of cryptocurrencies. After the presentation people could enjoy some beers, pizza, laptop stickers and ice cream ;) In the future we want to have one or two presentations or short workshops each meetup. Next meetup is scheduled on 4th of September. [gallery id=3]