Hotovo life - 17. May 2017

Girl's day at Hotovo

In technology companies, women are still a minority. Girl's day is a worldwide event organized each year to encourage girls to study and work in the IT or technology sector. At the same time, each year (the 4th day of the 4th week of the 4th month) companies and universities welcome girls in age 14-18 in their offices and show them what IT and technologies are about. We joined the event this year for the second time to encourage girls to join the IT world as they can bring different views and ideas and enrich this work field. We showed girls what it's like to work in IT and in Hotovo. We showed them possibilities that IT brings and talked about advantages and disadvantages of working in this field. Girls tried what coding is about on Android workshop. Then we showed them possibilities of modern technologies. We also had some fun. We played table tennis and did some yoga on Xbox with Kinect. As software developers, we need to keep in mind that sitting all day isn't good for our health so we need to exercise. According to the survey girls filled at the end of the event, they were interested in IT and some of them consider working in IT. Hope to see you at work, girls ;) Some pics from the event. 18238549_1334356526617546_8973936461463748943_o 18238570_1334356136617585_4255493685643902478_o