HotoWOW - 1. October 2021

HOTOWOW x Ján Gálik

Our accomplished colleague Ján Gálik is proof that technology and humanity are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary - both form a large part of his work. Not only he provides IT support, but he has also been involved in the development of many activities for a community and culture in Košice for many years.

hotowow-x-jan-galikSource: Photo used with the consent of CIKE, author of the photo Maja Bodnárová

At HOTOVO, Ján is in charge of technical support for their client Protecht, but he also provides support, although less technical, in another area. He focuses on the development of community life and civic responsibility, which he says, are key to a functioning democratic society. He participates not only in activities with a local, but also a society-wide overlap, and was, for example, one of the organizers of protests “Za slušné Slovensko” (For a Decent Slovakia).

Ján Gálik is the co-founder of the Košice community center Klub, which provides space for independent artists, organizes collections, and offers help to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. The ongoing pandemic has made the need for such assistance even more urgent, but on the other hand, it also showed how people can stick together.

He has also been a member of the Tabačka Kulturfabrik cultural center in Košice for several years. During the recent lockdown, Tabačka Kulturfabrik was the place where he had the opportunity to participate in organizing a short film festival SÁM DOMA film fest (HOME ALONE film fest), a film festival that returned very much needed culture to our lives during this difficult period.

"Culture is not just about fun and socializing. Culture subtly shapes us, shapes our values, and maintains our identity. Among the values that are important to me is the solidarity that has been and always will be important in the situations we have experienced during the pandemic or in crisis situations such as floods. In addition to solidarity, creativity is the key to culture, and I believe that creativity can help us to keep calm and to spend time reasonably even in a time of lockdowns and restrictions," says Ján Gálik.

jan galik in city centerSource: Photo used with the consent of CIKE, author of the photo Maja Bodnárová

This non-traditional film festival aims to bring together people who have been separated and in domestic isolation for quite some time. It allows artists and amateurs to show their quarantine story through a short 10-minute film and share their own point of view and experience with the pandemic.

"SÁM DOMA film fest festival (HOME ALONE film fest) was created to motivate people to spend time during the lockdown creatively and thus record a specific period that will hopefully not be repeated. Various people took part in the festival - parents with children, amateurs, or filmmakers. I believe it will bring an exceptional experience to the audience. The viewers can reflect on the times live in, but at the same time have fun and a smile on their faces. I invite all people who like movies to the screening and the festive announcement of the winners in Tabačka on October 30, 2021! " adds Ján.

Even in HOTOVO, the motto "home alone" has become a reality of our daily lives for some time. We spent a large part of the pandemic at home and working from home. As we like to support our talented colleagues and meaningful activities, we did not hesitate and became a proud partner of the festival SÁM DOMA film fest (HOME ALONE film fest).