Tech Corner - 31. March 2022

Not just about the React v18 release

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Just as we do every month, we've pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we at HOTOVO think are worth sharing…

Discover what’s new in the React v18 release, get some valuable tips on React Native security, find out if your knowledge of HTML attributes is up to date, learn how to encode data for POST requests correctly, and more.

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React v18 reached the production state

The React team has finally reached the production state of version 18, which brings in many useful features and paves the way for future updates. The release includes automatic update batching, transition rendering – which allows you to schedule low-priority updates after high-priority updates, and much more, including a few new hooks. Read the blog post to learn about all the changes, and see how to upgrade to React v.18.

Think you know everything about HTML?

Every web developer should know all about, and be comfortable using, HTML tags and attributes. However, people often overlook the fact that HTML is ever-evolving – mainly by adding new behavior-enhancing attributes. Read this article to find out about some unique HTML attributes that you may not be familiar with.

React Native security concerns

React Native is the most popular cross-platform framework for mobile apps, supporting multiple platforms. However, multiple platform support also means having to deal with each platform's issue (React Native, iOS, Android). And on top of that, it also brings the JavaScript ecosystem dependency-hell issue into play, with tons of packages of various quality that can drastically affect security. Don't believe it? Find out more in this article.

What new CSS features are coming this year?

Web platforms continuously evolve, and CSS is no exception. This year, we will see multiple interesting features starting to be adopted by the browsers. Find out more about these imminent features – such as container queries, the :has() selector or cascade layers, which allow for better defining of selector specificity – in this blog post.

Encoding data for POST requests

This article is from last year, but it’s still worth sharing, as Jake Archibald nicely covered the topic of encoding data (of various forms) to send with the HTTP POST request. Learn how to do it properly, and avoid the common pitfalls, in this useful article.

What's new in VS Code?

Visual Studio Code editor’s latest release brings in a few excellent features well worth mentioning. You can finally see the local history of your files, and you no longer need external CSS and SCSS formatters as these are now in-built. Follow the link to find out more.

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