Tech Corner - 2. November 2020

October newsletter: Not only about JS :)

React v17 is released

Big news first! React team had finally released new version of library which prepares the ground for bigger changes in the next releases. Comes with support for using different versions of the React in single document or multiple apps together even nested without hacks. As a bonus with new transpiler library you can drop React import in every TSX (JSX) file!

The Missing Introduction to React

The question that always arises... Which framework from JavaScript world is the best? Well, for beginners it is hard to decide which framework to use. We think that React is the best framework but lots of tutorials jump right into how to use React and do not show you WHY. In this awesome tutorial by Eric Elliott you will see why React is the top framework.

CS Visualized: CORS

“Access to fetched has been blocked by CORS policy”. Hm? I don't think that you like such messages. We also do not like them. But what exactly it means and why we see this message? Check out an amazing visualized article by Lydia Hallie. And you will understand why this message appears.

Spec allows to load resources before they are used or prepare to load them to improve the app startup and user experience. Learn how to use them to benefit from these features and distinct among different options. Simply being said...pick the best one for your need.

Multicolor SVG icons

Everyone knows font icons and the fact that they can be colored with css. SVG icons can do the same, even much more! Now with CSS variables supported in every modern browser you can have even multicolor icons and illustrations. Check out how to do that.

Machine learning in React native app?

No problem at all! With Tensorflow.js and React native adapter you can enhance your application with machine learning goodies. The article describes how to do simple image classification using pre-trained models.


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