Tech Corner - 31. May 2022

The Latest Tips, News, and New Features in the World of Web Development

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Just as we do every month, we've pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we at HOTOVO think are worth sharing…

Discover what's new in CSS, get some valuable insight into Web Authentication, find out if your knowledge of URL and URI is good enough, learn how important it is to support a browser’s Back/Forward Cache, and more.

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What is the Back/Forward browser cache, and why is it important?

Chrome finally implemented the Back/Forward Cache (bfcache), joining the other browsers that already have this concept. The Back/Forward Cache has the simple purpose of storing a page when navigating away from it, so that it will load a lot faster if you later browse back to it. Why is this such good news? Check the article!

Excellent CSS features you’re not using!

Calling CSS simple hasn’t been a valid comment for some years already ? But due to the constant evolution of the language, new features often go unnoticed and are easily overlooked – and many of them are super helpful! Read the article to find out about some of the most useful CSS properties you might not have known existed.

Do you know the difference between a URL, URI, and URN?

Every web developer knows the hyperlinks, which are often interchanged with the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) follows the exact same specification, but has a different meaning. Do you know the difference? Read this article to find out… 

Why you should stop using Enzyme for testing React Native and React apps

Enzyme has been a popular library for testing React apps and React Native apps. However, the library's maintainers didn't provide the adapter for working with React 17 – an issue that was ultimately solved  by the community, but there is no adapter planned for React 18, and it seems this will be an ongoing issue. Read the article to learn more about replacing the Enzyme library in the case of React Native testing.

Awesome SVG techniques

The article describes multiple SVG-based tools and tips for building cool features. Whether you want to develop star ratings with fractional stars, cool backgrounds, repeating masks, or are just curious about what you can do – you should check out this blog post. It's full of valuable tips and guides!

How does Web Authentication work?

Face ID, Touch ID and other hardware authentication methods are getting more and more popular. These methods are much safer and easier to use compared to strong passwords. Read more to understand how it all works under the hood.

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