Tech Corner - 5. January 2022

The Top Latest Web Dev Tips and Updates

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Just as we do every month, we've pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we here at HOTOVO think you won't want to miss…

Discover new design patterns, get some useful tips for React Router’s v6 migration, find out what WeakMap is about, learn how to make React Native communicate with native modules, and a whole lot more.

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Learn and improve in building web apps

Addy Osmani with Lydia Hallie created a website with a collection of app design patterns, tips and tricks to help you improve how you architect websites and web apps with React and Vanilla JavaScript. Everything is well described with code examples and even animations to visualize what is going on, and you can even download the e-book for free.

Migrating to React Router v6

React Router version 6 introduces quite a lot of breaking changes and the migration might not be as simple as before. This article describes the issues in React Router’s v5 that lead to the introduction of this major new version. Have a read to find out all the changes in detail. 

Do you know about weak references in JavaScript?

Normal (strong) references prevent garbage collection of the allocated memory for as long as strong references to the object exist. In some scenarios, such as metadata in the map, this might lead to memory leaks or more complicated management of the data in order to prevent high memory usage. WeakMap and WeakSet allow garbage collection of the data once the reference is lost. Learn more about weak references in JS from this article.

Removing unused CSS rules with PurgeCSS

As projects grow, sooner or later they reach a state when they contain unused CSS rules. In fact, this is very likely to happen when third-party CSS frameworks are used in a project. PurgeCSS allows you to automatically strip down all the unused rules. Find out more in this article. 

Integrating React Native and native code

React Native allows us to build cross platform mobile applications without the burden of implementing native code for each platform. However, in some cases it’s still better to fall back to classic native modules. How do they interact and communicate with the React Native app? Check the article!

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