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The Top Latest Web Dev Tips and Updates

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Discover how to optimize your start-up times in React Native apps, get some valuable insight into JavaScript data hijacking, learn if you should rethink how you fetch data with React, and much more.

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How to fetch data with React?

Since the release of React 18, there’s been a lot of discussion – and confusion – about data fetching with React, with the typical use case to fetch data in the useEffect hook being questioned, and new patterns being discussed. Read this Reddit explanation from Dan Abramov on the topic, and check out the article to understand it fully.

Fetching user data on user input with React Query

Data fetching is a complex topic affecting a user’s experience of an app. One of the most popular libraries, React Query, can help streamline the requests and solve data caching, re-validation, and redundant requests. However, the tricky part comes when you want to connect it to the user input. Want to know how to make it easy? Have a read of this guide.

Data hijacking in JavaScript

Is it possible that the expression (a==1 && a=2 && a=3) could ever evaluate to “true” in JavaScript? It is, and more than that, there are multiple ways to achieve it! Check out this article to learn and understand them all and widen your knowledge.

Performance optimizations for Angular apps

Performance in the context of an application can mean various things. This blog post discusses the optimization techniques available for improving your Angular application's load performance and runtime performance.

Can your React Native app start faster?

The short answer is likely yes. Start-up time depends on how much JavaScript you are serving with your application. The more there is, the longer it takes for the app to parse it, compile, and execute. Check out this article on how to use Hermes to pre-compile JS code and significantly improve your start-up times.

Dependency injection in NodeJS

Dependency injection is a widely used pattern that helps to inject dependencies into a class rather than creating the dependency inside it. The benefits are less boilerplate code, simpler testing, and better code readability. This article describes the dependency injection pattern and how to use it in the Node.js application with the help of the TypeDI library.

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