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Just as we do every month, we've pulled together a selection of articles from the world of web tech that we at HOTOVO think are worth sharing…

Discover what's new in Angular testing, get some valuable insight into React Context API, find out if you should consider a new Node.js alternative, learn how to make React Native apps accessible with ease, and much more.

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Rise of a Node.js successor?

Another alternate JavaScript server runtime has popped up, with the name Bun. Bun focuses on raw performance and quick start-up times. Benchmarks suggest you should take Bun seriously. Read the article to learn more.

How React’s context API works

React made context-propagation pretty popular with its context API. However, the concept isn't as hard to understand as you might think, and the main 'magic' is actually just plain JS Closure. Check out the article to find out more.

Useful JavaScript tricks

Did you know that you can format numbers in JS to make them easy to read? Or how to get unique values in the array in a single line of code? For more valuable tips, have a read of this blog post.

Comparing Nuxt 3 and Next.js

Nuxt is the hybrid Vue framework for both server-side and client-side rendering using Node.js server features to provide the data. The new major version, Nuxt 3, is about to be released – so it's a good time to compare it with its older brother, Next.js.

React Native AMA – accessible apps

Building accessible apps is not easy. Which is why the team at Formidable created this handy accessibility toolkit for React Native, called Accessible Mobile Applications (AMA). It integrates multiple tools to simplify the dev process, such as runtime checks, pre-created accessible components, guidelines, and checklists on steps to follow during app development.

State of E2E testing in Angular

The Angular team has officially deprecated support for the Protractor end-to-end (E2E) testing tool, and has decided to support alternatives. This time they don't focus on a single framework, but rather on a variety of tools suggested by the community – such as Cypress, Nightwatch, WebdriverIO, and Playwright. However, Protractor will continue for some time. Find out more in the article.

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