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Exciting News – We're off to Expo 2020 Dubai!

We want to share some exciting news about what the HOTOVO team will be up to later this month…

We're going to Dubai to participate in Expo 2020! 

What is Expo 2020?

If you've not heard about it, Expo 2020 Dubai is the latest (and current) World Expo – one of the oldest and largest international events on the planet, which take place every five years and last up to six months.

Usually organized around a theme that's focused on finding solutions to the biggest challenges of the time, World Expos involve nations from across the world getting together to share ideas, showcase achievements and work together – and they involve a lot of immersive and engaging experiences, events and activities. 

They are huge events, with governments, international organizations, companies and citizens all coming together… all with a common goal of improving the world's combined knowledge, advancement and improvement.

Exciting, right? 🙂

Why are we going to Expo 2020?

The main theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" – with three core areas of focus: sustainability, mobility and opportunity.  

And in order to put a real spotlight on the most important topics – the most critical challenges and opportunities currently facing our planet – there are theme weeks. 

The final theme week… and the week that we will be there… is Water Week.

Still not sure how that relates to us, a software development company?

Well, it's because since 2019 we have been working with a Slovak-Chinese company called WT:R EUROPE – an exciting and progressive company focused on wastewater treatment systems and sustainable water management. 

WT:R have developed patented technology that provides a highly sustainable solution to purifying and recycling wastewater, and fully customizable treatment plant designs that means their solution can be implemented in virtually any location, and for all kinds of needs – large or small. 

And we, HOTOVO, helped them create a comprehensive technological solution that forms part of this incredible system…

Our greenfield solution included the hardware, software, architecture and development, and has enabled customizable, highly automated, AI-driven control for WT:R's wastewater systems – meaning they can be easily operated at a relatively low cost in any location across the globe. 

As you can imagine, it was a massive project, and one that was interesting, challenging and most definitely very exciting. 

So… that's why we are going to Expo 2020!

HOTOVO and WT:R Europe are attending together, jointly representing our innovative product that has the potential to provide solutions to one of the world's greatest current challenges. 

And to say that we're excited would be an understatement!

What will we be doing there? 

Expo 2020 is an opportunity for companies, organizations, governments and the public to explore and learn about new ideas, innovations, opportunities and more. 

So… we are looking forward to having the opportunity to tell more people about this exciting project!

And we're looking forward to learning about other innovative and potentially world-changing projects that others have been working on.

There will be a team from WT:R Europe and a team of us from HOTOVO all in attendance – including our CEOs, CTOs, marketing teams and more…

Which means we'll be able to talk about all the different aspects of the project – from the specifics of the wastewater plants' technology and our software solution, all the way through to the current successful real-life applications.  

And we'll be able to identify other opportunities that we can potentially be a part of. 

On the 22nd March, we'll be presenting at the Water Business Forum.

And the rest of the week, we'll be meeting with other attendees and exhibitors, promoting our WWTS (Wastewater Treatment System), visiting other pavilions to learn about their projects, and generally just making the most of being at this amazing event. 

If you or anyone you know will be there, get in touch to let us know! We'd love to meet with you or them… 🙂

Or feel free to pass on our details. Here's where we'll be and when: 

Expo 2020 Dubai

When? – Water Week: 20-26 March 2022. 

Where? – the Slovak Pavilion

Who? – WT:R Europe: consisting of a team from both HOTOVO and WT:R Europe 

If you won't be there but want to know more… we'll be posting a few more blog posts to explain more about the project itself, and about the Expo and everything we experience, learn and enjoy when we're there – so stay tuned! 

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