News - 27. September 2018

Hotovo [DONE] Atlassian Summit Barcelona 2018!

Team Atlassian SummitAt the start of this month Hotovo travelled to Barcelona for the perennial Atlassian Summit event. This year for 2018 the event was held in Europe ahead of the next big USA based event for 2019 due to be held Las Vegas! In the weeks leading up to the event Atlassian once again made some amazing announcements which were sure to create some fantastic discussion points for all attending the summit in Barcelona. From a new direction and strategic partnership with a former rival within the ChatOps space, to a new play within ITSM and a more complete message for supporting incident management for software teams, important and surprising news! Having been an Atlassian Solution Partner for over 7 years and a specialist in the custom integration and development of their tools and marketplace apps, Hotovo's knowledge in custom development and integration work for this platform has proved invaluable to many leading Enterprises customers using these best-of-breed SDLC tools and also to the Vendors who created them. Our unique perspective in bridging the gap between customer and vendor has allowed us to gain a vast amount of knowledge on the user experience requirements alongside the development and release lifecycles helping to enable teams fast when a new code integration is required. For Hotovo the Atlassian Summit is a key milestone within our calendar as we look to enhance the community relations which we already have in place working alongside other marketplace vendors and solution providers as well as meeting with new clients and listening to some of the exciting product use cases and investigating how some of our new services, such as TeamOpsFACTORY, may benefit the channel. Summit SlackOne of the big discussions points at this summit was based upon the announcement made just a few weeks prior to the summit, Atlassian had completed a strategic partnership with Slack and were moving away from continuation in further developing their own products in this category, Hipchat and Stride. To the outsider it may appear that with this new approach Atlassian were throwing in the towel on real-time collaboration, however to those of us who know and love these two leading vendors, it is more of a reassurance to know that rather wasting man days trying to compete, they would align their fantastic tools and software knowledge to create a more seamless integration for the benefit of all teams already using both leading collaborative platforms. No doubt their will be some losers with the loss of Atlassian's own ChatOps products Hipchat and Stride, however it will be to the benefit of all to focus efforts on Atlassian core market leading successful products which support all Software and Business teams, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and their excellent ITSM tool, Jira Service Desk. It is the right decision to invest valuable development resources here rather than continue in a race that cannot be won. As Atlassian's roots have always been focused on software teams and those working in the lifecycle of application management, they continue to actively push forward the boundaries of collaboration between dev and ops and have themselves become a key Vendor within the DevOps arena. In the last few years a focus on bringing together these software teams with business users in has helped to amplify the potential realised within each and every team. Another great milestone for Atlassian within this journey has been demonstrated with their acquisition of the Incident Management provider OpsGenie and the post acquisition and immediate launch of Jira Ops! With Jira Ops Atlassian has completed the portfolio for IT Service Management and no doubt further cemented themselves as a key player with the collaboration between all business teams, a great move for them and for all of their subscribed customers! Go Atlassian!! There were many other great announcements at this year's summit and if you have any further questions about this or any of our experience or services within this space, please do not hesitate to contact our business development team in the UK or speak to another member of the project team at or             Mark

Global Business Development