News - 29. January 2019

Hotovo teams in competition Live IT projects 2019

In the University Library of the Technical University in Košice on Wednesday, January 23, 2019, the final presentation of student projects under the title " Živé IT projekty" took place for the fourth time. There were 34 teams comprised of up to 171 students in engineering studies. Their task was to approach and present the software prototype on which they worked for 4 months within the compulsory subject Team Project. Wasti "It started four years ago and we decided to connect it with our cooperation with the companies. Mentors from practice help us greatly in the process of creating projects and are systematically engaged in teams, which is so demanding for such a number of students. Essential motivation for us was the motivation of students - cooperation with practice has a real meaning for them. In the moment, when they arrange contacts with people from practice, our students find that they also need theoretical knowledge. By creating these IT projects on the company's premises, they will find a timely use." said Jaroslav Porubän, head of the Department of Computer and Informatics, FEI TUKE (organizer of the competition). See our endeavours yourself. click on images to see presentations for both projects. Spoiler alert: there are some pretty cool videos there. Everyone had 2 minutes and 30 seconds for their presentation. Since the ideas for the projects being developed were given by the companies, the idea and presentation of the product was evaluated before the jury and during the discussion. The expert jury was composed of representatives of the companies and Košice IT Valley. The contests were attended by two of our teams Urban Exploration Map team and Local Hero team. Local Hero Team placed in 2nd place. ? Congratulations to both teams.