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Remember our sustainable water project? Now it's even better

Do you remember our trip to Dubai back in March this year? 

We went – along with our client and partner WT:R Europe – to Expo 2020, one of the largest international events in the world, to promote and spread the word about the potentially game-changing wastewater-treatment systems that WT:R had developed… 

… and which we, HOTOVO, had created a comprehensive greenfield tech solution for, to make the whole system a highly innovative, efficient, cost-effective solution to one of the world's biggest problems.

It's an incredible project. That was an incredible week. 

And now… we're off to Dubai again to shout about it some more! This time, we're off to WETEX.

What is WETEX?

WETEX is an annual event "at the forefront of sustainability", organized by the Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA).

It’s a 3-day exhibition that brings together both local and international companies related to energy, water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainable environment. 

It's an opportunity for exhibitors to share and showcase products and services, their latest innovations, new ideas and experiences, best practices, and much more… with everything centered around the main concept of building a sustainable future for our planet. 

Sustainability is a topic most people are now conscious of, and trying to do their bit for. We at HOTOVO are no exception. In fact, one of our core company visions is to create high-tech solutions for a sustainable future — which is why we jumped at the chance to partner with WT:R… and why we’re so excited to be a part of these sustainability focused exhibitions. 

WETEX is being held the 27–29 September at the Dubai World Trade Center, and we, HOTOVO, will be there alongside our partners from WT:R Europe. 

Showcasing technology that can change the world

Just as we did at Expo 2020, we'll be at WETEX to represent, present, explain and promote the innovative wastewater treatment solutions that we, WT:R and HOTOVO, have jointly developed.

If you don't know about this project yet, check out this blog we posted just before Expo 2020 – it explains all about WT:R, their wastewater treatment plants, how HOTOVO came to be involved, and details of this greenfield tech solution we've created to elevate it to another level. 

But then come back here and keep reading, to find out what we've done since…

Because we're all continuously working on this project, and since we wrote that last blog post, we've improved our software even more, and progressed in lots of other ways too!

A sustainable wastewater solution that keeps getting better…

Six months ago, we had an impressive wastewater treatment solution. And what's new? Lots of things… here's an overview:

  • Improved software solution with additional features, such as Modbus API for integration with existing industry systems, e.g. SCADA, and more…
  • More-advanced control rooms within the water plans, including a scheduled regulation plan that aligns with user habits to optimize energy consumption
  • A completely new next-generation UI, called "Premium UI", which defines new trends for controlling the treatment plan processes
  • Improvements to the wastewater plant designs, with detailed visualizations that showcase the variety of options available (check out the images below) 
  • Advancements to the plant containers – which can now include solar panels for an even greater sustainability impact, or can be designed to accommodate a company's workers, for example. 

Visualisation-of-treatment-plant-1024x576Improved visualization of WT:R's wastewater treatment plant options

4-1-1024x475Container treatment plants can now integrate e.g. solar panels, or workforce office space

cisticka-1024x837Container treatment plants can now integrate e.g. solar panels, or workforce office space

My-station-1024x640Premium UI - Main Wall Screen

Premium UI - Per channel monitoring

The project has also progressed in terms of installations, with 13 new plants having been implemented across China and Europe throughout the year… including, excitingly – in our very own country, Slovakia! And there are a number of other new plants already in the planning stage.

Exciting visions for the future

This has been an exciting project from the start, but now that we've reached this point: of having such an advanced solution, already implemented and working in sites around the world, and knowing that it's only going to keep getting better, is the most exciting of all.

The climate crisis, and the energy crisis, are both very real – the whole world is seeing that more than ever right now. 

This project provides an accessible solution to wastewater treatment and sustainable water management. Something the world desperately needs. 

Together, we – WT:R and HOTOVO – have created a wastewater solution for the 21st century: Wastewater that gives back.

It's a solution that:

  • is stable and sustainable, connecting biological processes with AI 
  • is highly efficient in removal of pollutants and the reduction of sludge
  • has extremely low operating costs and energy consumption 
  • provides odorless wastewater treatment 
  • integrates solar panels for sustainable energy generation
  • enables water recycling, utilizing the water already in situ rather than draining other resources – a vital step for a sustainable future
  • and so much more… 

And as we’re continuously working to improve it, we continue to be super proud of our involvement with this project, and can’t wait to get to WETEX so we can present and showcase it to even more people and organizations. 

The goal now is to keep expanding, and to find new partners that will adopt this technology, as well as others that will cooperate with us – to continue in improving this solution even further, and most importantly, to enable its wide-scale implementation and make a real impact in the world. 

We'll continue to keep you posted on our successes. 

Wish us luck in the meantime! Or even better – share this with companies, corporations, or anyone else you think may be interested. And get in touch if you want to talk about potential collaborations. 

Together, and with technology, let’s build our sustainable future 🙂  

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