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Cloud Solution for Call Management and analytics

"We've been working with the Hotovo team for over 4 years on a wide-range of projects from Mobile Apps, containerization deployment, Full-Stack Java & React, and high-volume data processing services. These programmes have enabled the Akixi organisation to successfully grow our commercial activities. Akixi is therefore delighted in recommending Hotovo as a trusted outsourcing services supplier!"

Martin Waters, Technical Director at Akixi Limited


Akixi is a cloud-based call and contact analytics services company, offering insight into how business contact processes are working and how companies can optimise them for a game-changing, ultra-responsive customer experience. Akixi provides management and real-time statistics reporting of telephone voice calls, chats and emails. It is a web application for displaying various types of reports and call control. It integrates with telephone platforms including Cisco BroadWorks, Cisco Webex Calling, Unify, Panasonic NCP. For more information visit: https://www.akixi.com/


Akixi was looking for a development partner for its intention to develop a tailor-made product and approached Hotovo, as well as other companies, to choose the best option according to the selected criteria.


The first version of the Akixi Wallboard mobile application implemented by Hotovo was previewed at the BroadSoft Connections conference back in November 2018, just two months after commencement of the development process, with deployment to market following shortly after. The application was developed to be ’native‘ for both major platforms – iOS and Android. Following the success of the project and having built good relationships across both teams, Akixi has already decided to continue its engagement with Hotovo and extend the outsourced part of the team.


Currently Hotovo is involved in the development of Akixi server side and web front-end development with a permanent team, including one of the software development leads from Hotovo. Bringing in new features according to the customers’ needs, the team successfully contributed to major improvements in the omnichannel experience of customers with the ability to track, analyse and report on new channels - emails (SMTP/POP3) and chat interaction (LiveChat, Inc. third party integration).

Hotovo also had an opportunity to have a dramatic impact on the ’look and feel’ improvements for the Akixi platform and the migration from old technologies to a new technology stack on the front-end side. In addition to the web and mobile apps, Hotovo also implemented a native desktop application (Windows) for agents to allow control of waiting calls or queued chats and emails. For more info have a look here: https://www.akixi.com/quick-tips/omnichannel-panel/Akixi also offers native Android and iOS mobile applications with the functionalities tailored to users of mobile devices.

The mobile Wallboard app has been developed to extend capabilities of the Akixi main product. It complements the existing application, specifically the feature of Akixi’s Wallboard report, which can be presented on large wall-mounted monitors in call centers. The app provides supervisors of telephone user teams with access to call metrics via mobile devices wherever and whenever they need it. We started working on the app in September 2018. Currently the app is available on Apple Store and Google Play. Further enhancements of this product are being discussed. For more info please have a look here: https://www.akixi.com/call-management-solutions/akixi-mobile-app/

The wallboard displays real-time call and contact statistics on mobile devices and gives an overview of a business’s performance. The wallboard offers a highly visual display with options of notifying users with a sound or vibration alert when SLA alarms are triggered. It can be fully customised via the desktop application to suit specific needs. Users can swipe between different reports on mobile devices. The Akixi app also offers an option for enhanced features.

Among other responsibilities, Hotovo has covered software quality since 2020 - by providing a dedicated QA team that is responsible for building a long-term testing strategy for the entire product and oversees the development road map and important releases with the highest quality assurance.

  • Successful and ongoing collaboration since 2018.
  • Complex project delivery.
  • The Hotovo team consists of a project manager/AM, technical solution architects, backend and frontend developers, UI/UX designer, Android and iOS developers, QA lead and testers.
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