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“Again. In time and budget and completely in quality. Many thanks.”

Klaus Nathaus, Principal Consultant at 2opus


2opus is a German consulting firm specializing in financial management and control. They are expert consultants for the product Qlik (business intelligence) and Unit4 Financials (financial intelligence, all-in-one financial management software).


For some time, 2opus struggled with their own development work until, based on a positive reference, they decided to approach Hotovo to meet this challenge for them. They specifically needed help with one of the key applications for their largest client, a leading German fintech company. After initially providing development advice only, our cooperation has since evolved into full development of their core products. Our team was also challenged to improve the offerings for several other of 2opus' clients.


Hotovo was entrusted with the development work for 2opus' core business, and gradually for another five of their clients. Our team developed a new application for multithreaded batch processing, implementing one of the core business processes (merchant payout process), along with other new applications and libraries that were needed, according to variable requirements. The applications extended or automated the functionality of Unit4 Financials and provided integration with external systems, implementing company-specific tasks.


The team fixed troublesome performance issues for 2opus' critical pieces of software, and implemented new software for batch processing. Modern and unified technical stacks are applied where possible.

  • Successful and ongoing cooperation since 2018. 
  • Four dedicated developers (frontend and backend).
  • High levels of trust, which form a major factor for our continuous and successful partnership.

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